Local favorites of our charming Verona: places to eat, drink and being amused!

Date of publishing: September 03, 2017
Written by: Luca

Today we start the series “Verona Special”: a series of blogs about Verona, our hometown. In these blogs we will tell you about our favorite places to visit, eat and drink. True local tips and secrets!

Our first stop is one of our favorite corners of town: the Teatro Romano

The Teatro Romano is the theater of the former Roman town Verona. It is built on a spectacular location just outside the river Adige, making best use of the natural slopes of the hills surrounding the town. The Teatro Romano offers one of the most beautiful and complete roman museum of Verona, a spectacular scenic spot over the city and the river, and the possibility to see Shakespeare plays live during the summer season..sit on ancient roman tribunes!

On sunny weekends, locals love to admire the view of the city and the theater itself from
Castel San Pietro, which was built by the Longobards on the hill just above the theater. To reach Castel San Pietro, there is a step path of a few hundred steps on the left side of the theater. This is a very romantic spot…bring your lady here if you want to impress her! Since this June there is a brand new Funicolare, which lift you up the hill, with no effort at all.
Along the steps, just before the top, there is the elegant restaurant Teodorico Re”.

If still in the mood to impress, you cannot miss it!
If you feel up to a short and easy (~1 hour) walk through the olive fields and away from the city, then few hundred meters behind Castle San Pietro a hiking path starts that takes you to the Don Calabria Sanctuary. Here you can admire a beautiful church, monastery and, from the terrace, an amazing and private view of Verona. A real gem!

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 For more tips and secret about our Verona, we will be back in two weeks!



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