Between river and Roman architecture, the timeless hidden old Verona

Date of publishing: September 16, 2017
Written by: Luca

We start where we ended a couple of weeks ago...from the Roman theatre we cross the old Roman bridge of Ponte Pietra and we submerge ourselves into the timeless hidden old city center of Verona.

After the final act the play ends with the famous words ‘..and they lived happily after after..’. As in the old Roman times, the Veronees give a final applaud and start making their way home to the old centre via . Ponte Pietra, For over 2000 years this bridge has connected the centre of Verona with the theatre and its nearby hills. During the Roman times it was called Pons Marmoreus and since then it has been a great landmark of the city. P
onte Pietra is unique in Verona: it is the only bridge with a "donkey back" shape, typical of roman bridges; it is located in the middle of the long river bend that embraces the old city centre. It is framed between the picturesque rhythm of coloured old houses on its right, and the charm of the roman theatre and pre-Alpine hills on the left. And possibly most magnificent of all, it raises majestic from white water rapids, which turn impetuous during the mid-season floods, and fill the air with suave crushing water sounds all year long.

Ponte Pietra is to be admired from all corners, on its back and from above. The three best spots are from Castel San Pietro, from the left bank of the river and from Piazza Bra' Molinari (this is possibly our favourite spot in Verona!)

When your memory card is full and your feet hurt, it is time to enjoy a fresh drink or wine at Cappa Caffe'. Its interior is beautiful and exotic, but you should not stop inside. Continue outdoors and find a table on the gorgeous riverside terrace, where you can relax with a drink and snacks at the sound of crushing water and the view of the theatre and the hills! If you feel more like a pre-dinner aperitivo instead, Osteria Monte Baldo is the place for you. Tasty snacks, accompanied by the largest variety of local wines! Here you can try the nowadays famous Aperol Spritz as well, but..just to warn..many take few drinks to get used to its slight bitterness. However, once you’ve mastered this acquired taste, you won’t be able to live without it. In most cafes and bars in Verona ordering a drink at Aperitivito time (~6 - 8 pm) will get you some free snacks or have access to the ample snack buffet. Don’t let all these tasty bites ruin your appetite. Dinner time is approaching and you sure don't want to miss out on that in this city!

Verona offers a number of delicious and affordable places where to enjoy local dishes and wines. As everywhere in Italy, Verona has specific dishes and wines that are typical and unique for this area. Actually in Italy, “Italian food” does not really exist..there are thousands of typical and specific flavours spread across the different regions in Italy. In Verona, do not miss Polenta (combined with cheese, meat, mushroom or all of the above); Soppressa Veneta and Risotto all'Amarone. For the bravest, enjoy Lard (with Polenta, our personal favourite), Polenta all’Asino or Sfilacci di Cavallo.  And how about the wine? You can choose from the locals whites and reds: Custoza, Soave, Lugana, Bardolino, and the most known of all, Valpolicella. To enjoy this typical Verona cuisine, local wine and friendly atmosphere nearby Ponte Pietra we recommend  Osteria La Vecchia Fontanina.  Alternatively, via Sottoriva offers a number of nice small restaurants, trattorias and osterias where you can also taste typical dishes and wine. Some offer a terrace with river view, excellent for a sunny day.

Ate or drank too much? A visit next morning to the Basilica of Santa Anastasia will give you a chance to clean your soul, get back in diligent touristic mode and to admire one of the most beautiful churches of Verona.

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