Christmas Markets

Date of publishing: November 26, 2017
Written by: Luca

Almost Christmas! Christmas lights, trees and songs fill the atmosphere in many Countries of the world. In Central Europe it is also Christmas market time! Squares are filled with traditional small wooden houses where you can buy Christmas presents, warm food, hot chocolate and, how to miss it, glue wine (!), which in Italy we call Vin Brulè. This typically German tradition expands year after year to the south nowadays having infected about all small and big town south of the Alps.

In Italy, the most famous Christmas Markets take place in the towns that were part of the Austro-Hungaric empire till the beginning of the Twentieth Century and are now part the Italian Region Trentino-Alto Adige, such as Bressanone, Vipiteno, Bolzano, and Trento itself. Here the Christmas atmosphere mixes with the local mountain tradition and characteristic food, such as speck, apple-strudel and, indeed, vin brulè. In these Alpine cities, snow adds a touch of magic…

Christmas markets lovers certainly possess a vast collection Christmas cups, used to drink Vin Brule’ (and to keep your hands warm). For the new comers, Vin Brulè is a mixed hot red wine, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and fruit like orange, apple and lemon. This is the taste and the smell of all Christmas Markets!

In Verona, the recent Christmas Market tradition merged with the long lasting festivity of Santa Lucia, who brings presents to good children in the night of December 12th – 13th. A small sweets market is since ages to be found in Piazza Bra for just a couple of days before Santa Lucia comes. Since the last few year, a Christmas Market is organized in Piazza Dante, in one of the most picturesque squares of Verona. Here you can enjoy Vin Brule and other typical Christmas eating traditions.

Yet, the most characteristic Christmas symbols of Verona is the Christmas Star that is built every year in Piazza Bra for the Christmas Holidays, extending from the Arena into the square. Legend says that this is the longest man made shooting start in the world. Here the night of Christmas, many young people meet at the star waiting for a cup of Vin Brulè and a piece of Pandoro, the most typical Christmas dessert of Verona (and one of the most famous of Italy).

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