Verona in Love

Date of publishing: January 21, 2018
Written by: Luca

After homey and warm Christmas, romantic and fair Verona falls in Love and prepares to share it with the world...


...before us the ageless charm of our Verona stroke several artists during the centuries. The most important is probably Dante Alighieri who lived here for seven years after being banished from the beloved Florence. The similarity to the native city, the protection and respect of Cangrande della Scala and his family allowed him to write part of his masterpieces. He often had a walk in the roman city center till the gothic
church of San Fermo which Benedectine monks were renewing during those years. He was so fascinated from the majestic church which stood out in the sky, the wooden carved roof and the peaceful atmosphere of the inside that Alighieri’s family decided to be buried and rest in peace for ever in one of its small chapels.
On his way back home, Dante could admire the ancient roman ruins of Via Leoni, rest of the East roman gate of the city which serves as defense from Barbarian as well as for collecting taxes to grant access to the city during peaceful times.

He could then reach the famous
house of Giulietta, where just a couple of Centuries later his colleague William Shakespeare, also incurably struck by the allure of Fair Verona, based his most famous and romantic “Romeo and Juliet”. There is no actual historical evidence that Shakespeare had ever come to Verona in his life, but his poem perfectly describes the historical conflicts between two important families of Verona of the 14th Century: the Montecchi and the Capuleti. Romeo Montecchi falls in love with Giulietta Capuleti, a passionate impossible love which fatally ends in irreparable tragedy.

Ten thousands visitors come to Verona every year to take a picture under the is always crowded in the courtyard, yet…a picture with your hand passionately on the bronze breast of Giulietta will bring you certain love for lifeour not to miss!!

Pfew, drained by this intense love experience (and stressed by the never ending is definitely time for food and wine! Lunch with tartine, prosecco and a warm local pasta at
Osteria Locandina Cappello, or dive you in a Veroninan local dining experience at La Taverna di via Stella.

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