Medieval Gems in Verona

Date of publishing: October 22, 2017
Written by: Luca

Today we leave food and roman time behind to dive into the grotesque Medieval Age, which left many characteristic monuments and buildings throughout Verona.

From the middle of the XIII to the end of the XIV centuries the family of the Scaligeri governed Verona. Between 1354 and 1376 the Lord Cangrande II della Scala  built the magnificent Castel Vecchio as a deterrent to his powerful neighbors such as Venice, the Gonzaga and the Sforza families. Castel Vecchio is located on the inner bank of the River Adige, but extends all the way to the left with a majestic bridge built in the same style as the Castel. Castel Vecchio is open to the public during standard daytime hours and hosts an interesting medieval museum with the possibility to walk along the entire defence wall. During the evening only the bridge is open, yet, this is a not-to-miss! Stroll over the bridge and back, and hike up the defence wall to admire the Castle and the river from above (ideal for romantic evenings, if you wish to impress). And best of all is a stroll on the bridge during foggy winter nights, when yellow lights illuminate the Castle through thick layers of mists and crushing Adige water.

Time for a snack? Do not miss on eating a Piadina (a sort of light pizza) at
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After this break you are ready to continue your visit of Medieval Verona! Nice medieval buildings remain in the
old center of the city, across from Piazza Erbe. Here you climb up the Torre dei Lamberti, with a spectacular view of Verona from the top, and visit Piazza dei Signori (o Piazza Dante) and the Palazzo della Ragione. You can also stop by the nearby Arche Scaligere, where back then most of the Scaligeri family were buried.

And to finish the evening, you deserve a nice Pizza! Try
Pizzeria San Matteo, build within a former church; a characteristic atmosphere and delicious food. Or you can try Pizzeria Corte Farina, where the Pizza al Metro is king.
Image result for pizza al metro

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