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Date of publishing: May 22, 2017
Written by: Luca

Last week of the 100th Giro d’Italia. Last week of passion, from Bergamo to Milano, via the greatest mountains and most legendary ascends of the Alps. A Touch of Italy is on the road following the race. From today until the epilogue in Milano, we will document the context to the glorious pink jersey. For you wherever and whenever you are.

Today is Stage 15Tom Dumoelin is comfortable in pink. Will he succeed to bring the jersey to Milano?  The final week of 100th Giro d'Italia begins: the week of the Alps.

This year the riders will cycle the most legendary alpine peaks, all of them at once, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Corsa Rosa. A Touch of Italy will be on the road, aside to the champions, to document and celebrate their passion, fatigue, strain, and triumphs. 

Our associated photographer Nicola departed today from Verona to follow the Giro. This year again, as he did last year and the year before. This year officially associated with A Touch of Italy, which will be official photographer of the legendary and world renowned Giro d’Italia. 
To celebrate this event we launch today three pictures from Giro d’Italia 2016. Riders and Dolomites, legend, history and majesty, the soul of Italy.

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The most famous peaks of Giro d’Italia in one week. We start with the mythical mountains of Lombardia on Monday:  Mortirolo, Stelvio, Giogo. With its 2,757 m above sea level, the Stelvio is Cima Coppi this year. This is the name given to the highest point of the Giro. The road to the Stelvio is known for its 48 U-turns, most of them visible at once from the top with its unmistakable long snake appearance. The Giro continues with the Aprica and Tonale on Tuesday, just short of 2,000 m of elevation. Then on Wednesday the unforgettable Tappone Dolomitico. A long up and down the Dolomiti, where legendary, rugged, breathtaking and idyllic landscapes blend with history of war.  Passo Pordoi, Valparola and Gardena will take the riders around the Sellaronda and Wolrd War Tour, both major attraction in the summer and winter. Wonderful hiking, high altitude musea, world class ski resort and delicious traditional food will satisfy any taste and palate. After the Dolomitic binge, the pink convoy will head South towards Monte Croce and Piancavallo on Thursday and Monte Grappa on Friday. Is it done yet for the pink jersey? Not quite... Last day is the always tricky time trial. From the Monza autodrome, which hosts the Italian Formula 1 GP, to the heart of Milano. 

Then, and only then, the winner will celebrate the victory of the legendary 100th Giro d’Italia! And A Touch of Italy will be there, capturing the historical moments to be shared with all of you. 

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