Piacere di conoscervi!

Our passion is to reveal our authentic love for our country, Italy, turn it into art and bring it to you: your home, your office, your work place, being this a restaurant, bar, shop, vacation house, hotel or B&B. We produce unique photos on canvas, glass, aluminum, forex and deliver them directly to you. All our photos are shot and developed by us and our partners in Italy, exclusively for A Touch of Italy.

Our products reveal famous as well as undiscovered corners of Italy. Whether you are looking for a warm taste of the Amalfi Coast, the ageless imperiality of the Colosseum in Rome, a breathless sight of the Alps, a stroll in the coloured crowd of Carnival in Venice, our hometown Verona or simply a picturesque corner dear to the locals and away from mainstream touristic Italy – this website will touch your heart. In our blogs and newsletter, we also write about our favourite places to eat, drink and visit. Lose yourself in our cities views, landscapes, and details of everyday Italian life!

The idea of A Touch of Italy was developed by Luca, Nicola and Zeno in front of a Sangria during a weekend trip to Ibiza, Spain in 2012. In 2013 Luca registered  A Touch of Italy in The Netherlands, where he currently lives, opening business officially with our first website and portfolio. Lidia joined in 2014. In 2016 we renewed ourselves, with this new website and greater plans for a bright future together!

A Touch of Italy is a reality that keeps us together, even if currently leaving far apart! Learn more about each one of us below! 



In a nutshell? I love to integrate and develop passion for innovation, beauty and societal needs.
Born in Verona, Italy, in 2006 I conceived my MSc. in Environmental Engineering at the University of Trento as well as my MSc. in Civil Engineering at the University of Minnesota, USA. From 2005 till 2009 I lived in Minneapolis, MN where I worked as a Research Assistance at the University and later at Barr Engineering Co.. Since back in Europe, aside of directing A Touch of Italy, I work at Deltares and Ecoshape Building with Nature, in The Netherlands. As part of these positions, I help developing ideas and technologies, and seek for applications to practical engineering and Building with Nature projects. 

During my experience abroad I learned how many people around the world share my love for my beautiful and distant Italy. This gave me the inspiration for A Touch of Italy. Since then I combine my technical and technology passion with my love for beauty and Italy, and, mostly important, I share all this with old-good friends.


U.S. Marketing consultant

Act, fall, get up and act again, this is my life-philosophy.
From Castel d’Azzano, a small town near Verona, I have graduated in Management Engineering at the University of Vicenza in 2005 after a memorable six-months internship in Boston, MA. Since my graduation I have worked at P&G in Rome, and in Boston for the last three years. At P&G I am globally responsible for Gillette Sport and Entertainment. In 2016 I also conceived my wine tasting and sommelier diploma.
I am curious, always looking for the next challenge, passionate for wine, and loving of “la bella vita”. A Touch of Italy brings my professional experience, my passion and interests all together! With Luca and Nicola I have developed the idea of A Touch of Italy, with which I collaborate with strategic and marketing advice, and client contact in North America. 


Freelance Photographer

In three words: photography, surf and..on-the-go.
Born in Verona, Italy I work at a local company, but I make sure I leave a good part of my day for what makes me go: photography, surf, concerts and biking. Since very young I have cultivated my passion for photography, which I share with my father Cesare. Photos of concerts, sport events, portraits, and landscapes. Visit my website at nicoladevecchi.com to see some of my best work. 
With Luca and Zeno, I have developed the idea of A Touch of Italy, a great window to bring my best landscape, details and city pictures of my Country to you. I collaborate with A Touch of Italy offering my existing photos and making new and dedicated ones when clients ask so. 
In my spare time, I love surf and sup. When life gets to busy I escape to the waves and beaches of Fuerteventura in search of piece and inspiration.


Sales and Communication Consultant

And “dulcis in fundo”, a lady as the frost of a delicious cake! 

I met Luca when I was 3, and have lived in the same apartment complex for the following 20 years or so. During these years we created a strong and trustful fraternal friendship that easily convinced me to jump on the A Touch of Italy project when Luca proposed it to me a couple of years ago. ?

While Luca was abroad, I have graduated in Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Verona, This reinforced one of my biggest passions: traveling! Since few years I share this passion with my housband and 3-years old son, which I take with me all over the world. After my 
graduation I have gain experience in the Italy and International Fashion Design Industry. I have worked for about ten years as Retail Manager at a prestigious local firm that manages internationally renowned brands.   
A Touch of Italy is for me a beautiful chance to work with the friends of a lifetime, to believe in the talent and passion of each one of us, and to realize something unique and exceptional together! 


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